Fellowship of the Company of the Order

Ties That Bind

One Night in Neverwinter

Everything was new!

Basket, apprentice druid of lands far from here, had only known two kinds of life: The one growing up homeless on the streets of Saradush and, most recently, her time spent in study with Ravenwing, her mentor, in the lands of Heavenslight. So when the noble house of Shadowfire bid her to journey in search of their daughter Trisana Shadowfire, every step north was a into a place she had never seen.

While the lands nearing the Spine of the World was cold, the earth beneath her feet was were warmer than cobblestones of Saradush. While the howling wind lashed about her, it sent the trees into a swaying dance instead of bouncing the gusts off unyielding brick and into her chest. It was clean and sharp up here, welcoming to those who could survive its austere scenery, and Basket had always been a survivor.

Others, however, had been much less fortunate.

Spying travellers who, likewise, eschewed the blazed trail of merchants and traders, Basket moved closer to see if the people of this place were warmer than the land.

They were not…

Marching on to Neverwinter, avoiding the rest of the Bugbear tribe, the party travels off the trade roads wary that other, more unsavoury characters roam in these parts.

Ranging ahead, Rae’na’lís, and her panther Celethel, are alerted to travellers crossing their path. Identifying them as slavers, the elven ranger discovers that Flynn ‘Danger’ Ellison, who had agreed to catch up with the party down the road to Neverwinter, is among the suffering souls being dragged to an unsavoury fate. Alerting the party to the bard’s situation and, with little time to prepare, Nikos stalls them in conversation; a plan that works for as long as it takes for Dranosh to call out for justice!

With battle joined the party discovers that the slavers, while not as formidable as themselves, are gifted with guile. Nikos’s attempt to take the slave leader hostage results in her disappearing in a cloud of mist and escaping both him and Rae’na’lís. Dranosh’s titanic prowess is stalemated by a quicker slaver with neither landing a telling blow. Fortunately Trisana Shadowfire and Sai’on’ay are able to turn the tide of battle, eliminating many of the slavers and, with Flynn freeing those captured, the rest fled leaving their former captives and supplies behind.

Reunited, the party learn that the former slaves had been journeying toward Luskan where they would be sold. Many of the captives hailed from Neverwinter, and those that did identified the same person responsible for the grim fate they had just avoided: A halfling named Fedic.

Offering to escort the freed people back to Neverwinter, and introduce themselves to Fedic, the party was surprised to discover one among the captives already keen to travel with them. Basket, a druid from Trisana’s home, revealed she had been sent from the Shadowfire family to locate their roaming daughter and bid her, and her friends, to return. With Candlekeep being the party’s ultimate destination, and the Shadowfire lands being situated close by, Dranosh was, once again, denied the opportunity to journey north to the Pirate Capital of Luskan.


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