Celethel (meaning: Silent Sister) is a fully-grown, female black panther.

Celethel joined the party as Rae’na’lís’s very first beast companion.

Joining the Party
While Rae’na’lís watched over the party as they slept between forays into Dumathoin’s Keep she was able to hear the approach of a large animal. Upon investigating the sound she encountered Celethel eating the corpses of slain enemies. Recognising the intelligence in the beast’s eyes and with assistance from Sai’on’ay, Rae’na’lís was able to charm and then later befriend the panther.

Party Relations
On occasion, Celethel behaves around Rae’na’lís as a large house cat (and is treated as such) but the rest of the party is very aware that she is a wild animal. To foster better teamwork, Rae’na’lís spends a portion of her free time training Celethel alongside individual party members with varying degrees of success:

  • Sai’on’ay: Largely due to the close friendship between Sai’on’ay and Rae’na’lís, a majority of training has occurred with Sai’on’ay. Celethel will follow basic instructions from Sai’on’ay without a great deal of effort. Their relationship appears quite aloof although the two respect and admire each other.
  • Trisana: Celethel has spent a similar amount of time training with Trisana as with Sai’on’ay. Trisana is able to provide Celethel with basic commands although the panther usually demands some sort of tribute (often food).
  • Flynn: With an “epic tour” to run Flynn had limited time to train with Celethel but has shared his intentions to attempt to ride the panther. Celethel no longer growls at Flynn when he approaches but Rae’na’lís fully expects Celethel to eat him if he tries.
  • Dranosh: Dranosh is somewhat wary of Celethel. While he recognises and respects the value of the creature he is yet to specifically train with her.
  • Nikos: Nikos actively distrusts Celethel and actively seeks to avoid being stuck near the panther. This arrangement suits Celethel just fine.
  • Basket: Basket has had no formal training with Celethel, however, thanks to Basket’s druidic training their interactions have been very friendly. Basket appears to be able to issue out of combat commands to Celethel almost as easily as Rae’na’lís.


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