Fellowship of the Company of the Order

The Scavengers of Herodsford

How it all began...

Seeking their fortune Sai’on’ay, Nikos and Elana Goldstone travelled to the trading town of Herodsford. Encountering goblins along the way – and quickly dispatching them – the party discovered the remains of one of the trading caravans bound for the town.

Upon their arrival at Herodsford and, after recounting their experience on the road, the party met Kell, a humble ratcatcher and anxious father awaiting the arrival of his daughter Lillain. But before any further could be said, the party was notified that any adventurer in Herodsford must operate under the blessings of the Guild of Rovers, Adventurers and Itinerant Combatants, requiring dues in excess of what the party could afford.

Deciding to continue their conversation away from prying ears, the party learnt that Lillain was travelling to Herodsford with a trade caravan. The party offered to return to where they had located the abandoned caravan to learn what they could. Uncovering goblin tracks that lead them to a nearby camp, a further set of unusual tracks— large paw-prints in the company of human footprints.

Ambushing the camp and seeing it destroyed, the party learnt that the camp belonged to but one tribe of several other tribes in the area; all who lived in fear of something responsible for the unusual traps. Alerted to a bestial howl, the party sped northward to discover an abandoned hut and even more of the paw-prints only this time they were heading back to Herodsford.

Racing through the forest at night in pursuit of the beast, the party arrived just in time to see something huge and hairy scale the town’s walls. Getting inside themselves, they followed the tracks to a warehouse where Kell was working. Backed into a corner with no way out except through the jaws of the slavering werewolf, the party bravely charged into battle!

Elana charged the lycanthrope with Sai’on’ay hurling spells in support. Meanwhile Nikos had spied a dangling chain wound about the werewolf’s neck and, in a heroic display of acrobatics, sent the chain over an exposed beam in the warehouse and used it to hold the werewolf back. Now secured, the party had time to collect their thoughts and wonder why the werewolf had not slain Kell outright in the time it had available. Suspicions were confirmed as the morning chased the moon away and what was stood in the werewolf’s place was none other that Lillain, who had used what little humanity was left to hold the beast inside her from tearing her father apart!

Explaining to her father and the party, Lillain recounted the goblin attack on the trade caravan she had journeyed with and how another werewolf had lead ambush. Cursed by a bite from the lycanthrope, she was taken prisoner and had only managed to escape last night— the second night of the full moon.

With one night left until the curse became permanent – and confident that the werewolf and his goblin tribes would react to Lillain’s and the party’s activities – Nikos, Sai’on’ay and Elana went to seek aid from a power slightly less mercantile and savage: The Guild Leader Hardestadt.

Learning Hardestadt had, among his treasures, a collar that could offer a release from the lure of lycanthropy, and further learning that the Guild Leader aspired for even more power within Herodsford and, indeed, neighbouring Waterdeep, Nikos and Sai’on’ay were able to convince the Guild Leader that allowing the party to act on the Guild’s behalf in rescuing the fair maiden Lillain would endear him and his political aspirations to the townsfolk.

Hardestadt, recognizing that if the party failed he would be blameless, and intrigued by Lillain, offered the party the collar. Deciding to shield Lillain from the curse, the party agreed to fasten it to her, rather than use its magic against the werewolf. With Hardestadt on-side and Lillain safe, Nikos, Sai’on’ay and Elana ventured into the forest once more.

Following the trail back to the werewolf’s lair, the party discovered that the goblins were moving the stolen hoard of treasure taken from the merchant caravans and, deciding to strike so as to take advantage of the confusion, the party enacted a plan. Elana charged the werewolf while Sai’on’ay set the camp alight with his magic to distract the goblins. Through the chaos, Nikos sneaked his way behind the werewolf and joined Elana in the fray.

Axe and sword fought with claw and fang as the party struggled against the vicious werewolf. Savage rents were wrought upon them though each wound was answered by the bite of steel. The tide of battle turned and turned again until, at last, the final blow was struck…

…and the curse of the werewolf was lifted.

Laden with what treasure they could find, the party returned to the grateful adulation of the people of Herodsford. Joining them in celebration was Kell, a cured Lillain and Hardestadt the Guild Leader, and the party’s first adventure was a success…

Until Nikos, in front of the assembled crowd, condemned Hardestadt for his extortion of any adventurer that passed through Herodsford and proclaimed that he was a scavenger in this place.

The party left Herodsford in haste and have not been back since.


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