Rae’na’lís is a level 6 wood elf ranger specialising in Beast Mastery with her panther Celethel.
Her favoured weapon is the longbow but she is equally comfortable at close range.

Overall, her stats are utterly unremarkable with the exception of her dexterity which she has spent many years honing.


Rae’na’lís is quite petite for an elf but especially so for a wild elf. Standing at only 5’ (152 cm) and weighing a mere 100 lbs (45 kg) she is the smallest member of the regular party. She outwardly displays a child-like innocence, playfulness and naivetë, although her petulance tends to shine through when she is frustrated.

For the full backstory see: Rae’na’lís’s Full Backstory

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