Fellowship of the Company of the Order

A Young New Friend

The first encounter between Trisana and Rae'na'lís...

The brisk night air whipped painlessly against Rae’na’lís’s face as the pure and majestic unicorn covered uncounted miles lit only by the full moon.

The festival of Greengrass was typically a busy day for followers of all races, in many religions and Rae’na’lís was no exception. While Rae’na’lís had never considered herself to be especially pious, she found it difficult to deny the festivities of the goddess of rangers and forests. It was made even more irresistible that her former mentor, the halfling ranger Emil, had elected to join her despite having reached his 107th year.

Old bits——-

The first ceremony was reserved for the greater deity Silvanus. This ceremony was primarily attended by the druids of Suldanessellar, with many of the wood elves also in attendance. The rites for Silvanus were fulfilled by breaking her old shortbow and burying it at the base of the largest Oak tree in the Wealdath.

The second ceremony took place along a small stream leading south from the River Sulduskoon. Eldath’s festival lasted most of the day and included many of the same groups as before with many of the area’s rangers.

As Eldath’s ceremony continued late into the night, Rae’na’lís and those who held the goddess Mielikki as their primary deity took their leave.

Mielikki Ranger Goddess. Worshipers of Mielikki observe planting rites and the Wild Ride, when herds of unicorns assemble and allow them to ride bareback through the forest.


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