Rae'na'lís's Full Backstory

Early Life
Rae’na’lís was born on the Summer Solstice of 1381 DR (The Year of the Starving) to a tribe of wild elves in the Misty Vale (now known as the Dead Vale). Rae’na’lís is the only child of the bonded pair Llissa and Rae’gon Galanodel. Llissa and Rae’gon were both respected sorcerers of their tribe and it was expected that Rae’na’lís’s own magic would one day rival even the powers of the Fey who bestowed many of the tribe with the gift of magic.

When the Spellplague occurred in 1385 DR, the Misty Vale was devastated by blue flames. While most of the tribe fled south, Rae’na’lís and her family were separated from the tribe and fled north. As the effects of the Spellplague continued to worsen, magic became wildly unpredictable. Llissa and Rae’gon, having actively practiced their magic throughout the Time of Troubles and constantly dealing with wild and unpredictable magic every day of their lives barely noticed any new effects on themselves. By comparison, four-year old Rae’na’lís: wielding more power than both parents put together and with no experience in controlling her magic, had no defense against the brutal changes inflicted by the Spellplague on her mind and body.

The ordeals began to turn her into a Plaguechanged: an insane monster with grotesque mutations. Out of sheer desperation, her parents pleaded to any entity that might be able to reverse the mutations and save their young daughter. Almost immediately, the changes retreated within her body leaving her completely unharmed except for an indistinct scar between her shoulder blades depicting what her parents believed to be the sigil of the entity that had spared her life. It was also quickly apparent that the entity had suppressed her ability to influence the Weave (and therefore her natural magical abilities) thus protecting her from any further damage from the Spellplague.

Separation and Childhood
The bargain came at a cost. Within days of saving Rae’na’lís’s life, the family was stopped by a dying dryad from the Misty Vale. The dryad had known the elves for many years and was furious at them for not being specific in their pleas. The dryad informed them that they had inadvertently given their daughter’s soul to a dark entity who had also possessed the young elf’s body. Wanting the best for their daughter, Rae’gon and Llissa acquiesced to the dryad’s requests but not before they wrote a letter to be given to her when she came of age about her heritage and why they had to give her up. They never saw their daughter again.

Through a series of events largely unremembered by Rae’na’lís and unknown to those around her, she wandered into a small unmapped halfling village in the early hours of the evening. Exhausted by her travel she toddled into the open tavern and fell asleep under a table near the fire. She was found the next morning and after discussions with the village she was taken in by the innkeeper Meric and his wife Fayla who possessed the only house able to accommodate the growing elf. The couple enjoyed having the young elf and raised her as their own even after the birth of their first child several years later. The elf grew up happy and playful with many of the traits the lightfoot halflings valued in their own children.

The Ranger’s Apprentice
When the frequency of live rabbits being released into the inn reached breaking point, Meric approached the village ranger, Emil, to make better use of the 15 year-old elf’s skills. Emil was a relatively young ranger but accepted Rae’na’lís as his apprentice anyway. Rae’na’lís quickly picked up martial and other physical skills but Emil spent many years working on her focus and academic knowledge.

Rae'na'lís's Full Backstory

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